[callout][callout-content layout=”span9″][h3]Datacenter Support Services[/h3][p]Cal4care offers complete spectrum of Datacenter Support Services that spans multiple technology domain including, server administration, storage and backup management, database support, messaging and collaboration support and web application support.[/p][/callout-content][callout-button layout=”span3″][button size=”normal” type=”primary” value=”Request Quote” icon=”write-note” href=”#”][/callout-button][/callout][lists bullet=”check-box” type=”style1″]

  • Server Management Support
  • Messaging and Collaboration Support
  • Database Support
  • Storage and Backup Management Support
  • Web Application Support

[callout][callout-content layout=”span12″][h4]Server Management[/h4][p]Server Management Services ensures that your server parameters and operating systems are administered and tuned well. The service deliverable includes, Operating Systems Administration, performance monitoring of servers (CPU, Disk Space & Memory utilization, etc) and fine tuning, management of upgrades and patches, diagnosis of server problems and escalating to the vendors for hardware problems. Our offering spans multiple environment including Microsoft, UNIX, Linux.[/p][/callout-content][/callout]
[callout][callout-content layout=”span12″][h4]Messaging and collaboration[/h4][p]With many applications riding over messaging systems to touch users, it becomes critical to ensure users are well connected. Cal4care messaging systems management services help customers by ensuring smooth function of the messaging systems. The services include administration of mail servers, user account management, backup and transaction log management, management of post offices and mail boxes, management of internet mail systems and implementation of mail policies among other services. Here again our expertise spans multiple environment including, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Send Mail based mailing systems, etc.[/p][/callout-content][/callout]
[callout][callout-content layout=”span12″][h4]Database Support[/h4][p]The database support provide for secure, optimal management and increased database productivity. These services range from database design enhancement to installation, upgrades, backup and restoration, performance and capacity management, Precision has proven track record on managing database environments including Oracle, MS SQL.[/p][/callout-content][/callout]
[callout][callout-content layout=”span12″][h4]Storage & Back-up Management[/h4][p]Cal4care helps customer design, implement and monitor an efficient Storage Resource Management Policy. This ensures storage devices such as disk and file systems are kept available for business usage and meet SLAs. It greatly reduces the time and effort spent on maintaining storages forms and backup jobs. The result is operational efficiency, higher utilization of storage/backup infrastructure and reduced total cost of operations.[/p][h5]Our expertise on storage includes the following:[/h5][lists bullet=”check-box” type=”style1″]

  • SAN / NAS / DAS / Backup solution design and deploy
  • Storage and backup monitoring and management
  • Storage extension and disaster recovery solutions

[callout][callout-content layout=”span12″][h4]Web Application Support[/h4][p]With challenges like security, compliance requirements and site traffic, constant monitoring and support of the web-based applications is necessary. Cal4care Web Infra Services ensure your web infrastructure is up and running, and performing 24×7. Our proactive approach to web infrastructure goes beyond mere problem-fixing and ensures optimal utilization of the existing infrastructure.[/p]

[h5]We have designed our web infrastructure services to provide you a reliable, secure and scalable model to accommodate any future changes in the business. Our services include:[/h5][lists bullet=”check-box” type=”style1″]

  • Web Server Availability Monitoring


[h5]Performance Threshold monitoring[/h5][lists bullet=”check-box” type=”style1″]

  • Web Application Management
  • Website Administration
  • Backup management
  • Incident Support

[/lists][p]We support a range of web servers, including, Websphere, MS ISS, Apache, etc.[/p]