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Security Support Services

Network security is now a mission-critical concern for enterprises. Advanced threats from cyber-terrorists, disgruntled employees, and hackers demand a methodical approach to network security. In many industries enhanced security is not an option – it’s mandatory. Standards and regulatory bodies put increased thrust on implementing stringent security programs to protect digital assets.

We offer comprehensive managed information security services, by managing security assets at various layers of your enterprise IT assets, including , Perimeter, Network, Host, Application & Data. Our comprehensive suite of security services starts form monitoring the availability of information security assets to on-line monitoring of authentication process, integrity of security policies, events, alerts, and performance of these products. The security elements we manage at various layers of your IT assets are:

  • Firewall
  • Network-based anti-virus, Anti Spam
  • Content Security & URL Filtering
  • VPN encryption
  • Intrusion detection /prevention system (IDS/IPS)
  • Vulnerability management system
  • Endpoint security compliance
  • Access control / User authentication
  • Network Admission Control
  • Host IDS
  • Host VA
  • Endpoint security compliance
  • Anti-virus
  • Access control/user authentication
  • Host IDS
  • Host VA
  • Access control/user authentication
  • Input validation
  • Encryption
  • Access control/user authentication

Our services also include periodic threat and vulnerability analysis, by doing industry standard penetration tests. We also provide configuration management, change management and remote problem management, through on-site practices and also through our Remote Infrastructure Management Center.