About Cal4care

We are a proud provider of top of the line systems integration telephone products and services. With our revolutionary Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems as well as the comprehensive array of communication services we offer, we are changing the way enterprises communicate. Not satisfied with allowing businesses to communicate satisfactorily just with clients and customers, internal communication is also streamlined and better managed with our Internet Protocol (IP) PBX phones. Malaysia enterprises are now able to better track, measure and record their business processes with Cal4Care’s complete, fully integrated telephone solutions.

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Why Trust Us

At Cal4Care, the customer is paramount. We strive to deliver excellence in all our projects. Whether you give us an order to deliver and implement end-to-end IT infrastructure or provide customer support, you are assured of the highest level of service.

Our aim is to create a world wide organization that will deliver the best telephony solutions and support to customers in the field of PBX infrastructure.
To ensure you always have the technology you need to compete.
To implement solutions that address your most important needs.
To not engage in any immoral, unhealthy or illegal business practices.
To shoulder the social responsibilities expected of us, and to give back to our contributing community.

Quality Policy

We commit to provide Business Technology Solutions and Services by designing, building, securing and managing IT infrastructure, consistently, with speed, perfection and expertise that match or exceed our customer expectations. We shall empower our employees through proficiency enhancement initiatives and continually improve our processes to create a world class organization.

Quality Objectives
Our management

VOIP Telephony

Cal4care offers a wide variety of VOIP Telephony products like 3CX Windows Phone System , Htek IP Phones, BeroNet Voip Gateway etc.,

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IT Support

Cal4care offers complete spectrum of Datacenter Support Services that spans multiple technology..

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Cal4care can provide intelligent wireless networking solutions based on WiFi and WiMAX..

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Our Products

Services We Offer

We offer an exhaustive range of products for all your business communication needs. Whether it’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, IP PBX phone networks, video surveillance or the best intercom system Malaysia has, we supplement our products with our dedicated service. Because of our comprehensive range of both products and services offered, we are able to successfully serve all our clients throughout Malaysia and Asia. We are unsatisfied with simply meeting your expectations. We exceed them, ensuring your complete satisfaction, guaranteed.

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